Poking the Pokemon Universe


A Guide to Understanding Pokemon’s Evolution

Pokemon; Growing Up:

Pokemon gotta catch them all! Growing up one of the most popular cartoons for everyone which is considered Gen Z (including some millennials) were Pokemon. The idea behind them was exquisite, and the fantasy world that it brought was something that every kid wanted to be a part of. While many people like watching Pokemon, only, others also were interested in playing Pokemon with Pokemon cards. It was fairly simple and straightforward; you would collect lots and lots of cards and then either just be a collector or choose to play the game with your friends. There were either a set of ten cards or buying the whole decks. Either way, those were simpler, imaginative, and fun times! Read all about below – Poking the Pokemon Universe

Pokemon; The Makeover:

A lot has changed over the last few years, though. The franchise of Pokemon has realized its potential and decided to market their product to the next generation of kids as well. This has been a masterstroke on their part. They initially did this by giving the Pokemon universe a whole Hollywood styled film. Getting Ryan Reynolds on the scene did them a whole world of good, as well, as it gained a lot of popularity when he voiced the famous Pokemon, Pikachu. This was after their success with the games that they launched, which we will look in detail, today.

Pokemon Games:

Pokemon introduced lots of great games to get the fanbase interested and reel them in, once again.

Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go was launched in 2016. It was met with acclaim from fans and non-fans alike. It quickly gained a lot of popularity and a whole new generation became hardcore fans of Pokemon. The game has an augmented reality feature and was created by the trifecta of Nintendo, Niantic, and The Pokemon Company. It used the GPS feature of the cell phones and allowed players to go to different locations to search for Pokemon and “catch them all”. This allowed people to almost have a real-life experience of the Pokemon world. It was free of cost game and was released for both Android and iOS users. It had over billion downloads and grossed over $3 billion in revenue, as well.

Pokemon Masters:

Pokemon Masters was launched three years after Pokemon Go, in 2019. It is another mobile game developed for both iOS and Android users. This game was developed by DeNA, a Japanese provider of mobile portal and e-commerce websites. Pokemon Masters allows you to battle and collect Pokemon Trainers based on the actual Pokemon main series game. The main gameplay of the game is regarding a tournament of 3 v 3 battles that take place on Pasio Island called the Pokemon Masters League. You aim to become the champions of this tournament. Several limited time events are also added, which people can play and it is a very popular game among the fans. Within four days of its release, Pokemon Masters was downloaded more than 10 million times and it also recorded $10 million in revenue. Pokemon Masters APK is one of the easier ways of downloading and installing the game and then getting hooked to it!

Magikarp Jump:

Magikarp Jump is also a free game for Android users. It is one of the latest releases on the list. The gameplay is very simple and casual. The only aim is to make the Pokemon Magikarp jump higher than the opponents. It sounds a little silly, but it is super fun to play. You get to feed it, train it and there are a few cameos from other Pokemon too. The added bonus for all fans who have a soft spot for Magikarp!

Pokemon Quest:

Pokemon Quest was released in 2018. It is one of the very few Pokemon-related games which are cross-platform. You can choose to play on mobile or even on your Nintendo Switch! The difference is that the Pokemon world is in cubes, but the main objective of the game is the same, you train, catch and battle with these Pokemon. It is not as fun as the other main Pokemon games, but it is still very fun considering it is the full game experience. Plus, it has a campground where players can customize the space and make it their own, as per their liking.

Pokemon TCG Online:

If you are into Pokemon cards trading and all, then this is the game for you! It is a popular online and free version of the popular trading card game which made Pokemon what it is, today. You collect the cards, make your decks, challenge other players to battles, and is based on the mechanics of Pokemon. Fun all-round game, but also very casual. Not one to miss out on!

Pokemon Shuffle:

We should end the list of the games with a classic. Pokemon Shuffle is one of the oldest games for mobile. It has a classic three-match style and has some added combat mechanics. A very casual game compared to the likes of Pokemon Go and Pokemon Masters, but if you are a Pokemon fan, you remember playing this game from the very beginning. Not very difficult to play but it keeps you hooked as there are a lot of new things to find and is still quite fun to play.

How to Download?

You can download most of these games from the Android Play Store. However, there are several games that are available through their APK files. Pokemon Masters APKPure is another good place to download the game in its APK version. It is found on several online websites, as well. The APK files allow you to download the modified versions as well as the older versions which are no longer available on the Play stores. You can also find all of the mentioned Pokemon games on APK platforms like APKGamer, etc. These websites would also contain many other Pokemon-related games which could be fun to play!

If you have never played Pokemon, it is never too late to start!

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