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All You Need to Know About Android Gaming

Are you a gamer? Yes, of course, you are, who isn’t? Even if your answer is no, you cannot possibly say that you have never played a game on your mobile phone or laptop. We all have played games at least in our childhood, and now with the advent of mobile phones, it is one of the best ways to pass your time. Read below all about -APK Gamer – Hub of Gaming.

Rise of Gaming:

Gaming has been around for a long time. We started by playing the likes of IGI and Metal Slug on our computers and then there was the era of GTA Vice City, PUBG. Some liked to play the card games on the computer and others were interested in FarmVille and Mafia Wars. Around that time Sony developed the gamechanger PlayStation and the rest, as they say, is history. PlayStation introduced us to several fantastic games. From playing Bully to playing the FIFA’s and the PES by EA along with Cricket 2007, it was a great time. Now, gaming is bigger than just a past time, people have careers from gaming and they can earn money and become super-rich just by being very good at these games.

Gaming and Gamer:

While some people do not like to use the word gamer for themselves, it does not mean they don’t play these games. Some like to play on their consoles, others find it better to just play these games on their PCs. Some play games on their cell phones and although they might not be as committed to winning and playing with such passion, they also make up the culture of gaming. Call of Duty, in particular, along with the likes of other games which you can play with your friends in live time. It is perfectly okay to play strategic games and other simulation games as well, if you are interested, we do not judge!

Android Gaming:

Gaming on cell phones is also a serious business. People don’t only play such games they compete for various awards. Be it a team-building experience from your workplace or just a game for bragging rights among your friends, everyone likes to play games on their cell phones. However, we usually find games that are not available on the Play stores, and yet we know so many friends playing those games. Not to worry, we will tell you the ideal way of downloading every single game from a single place. That’s the right place for every game in the world!


APKGamers is one of the best websites you can find. It is the hub for all games and applications and you can find all of them in one spot.

This website has all of the games that you could ever wish for, and they are available for downloading through APK, which allows you to download and then install such games. It is very convenient for anyone interested in downloading games for their cell phones, especially. APKGamer is only for Android users, as it has APK files like the name suggests, which makes the whole ordeal of downloading games so much easier.

Categories on APKGamer: has many categories for games and applications, which you could benefit from, greatly. We look at the categories that are available at your disposal for downloading games from Apkgamers.

From action, adventure, arcade to the board, casual, RPG, simulation, and strategic games. They have more than four hundred pages full of hundreds of games. If you are into fighting games, racing games, sports games, or games that bring out the competitive you, then this is also the place for you.

If you are a man of simpler yet complex taste and do not believe in “games” then you can choose games that require logic or are simply horrifying, they also have categories dedicated to such games. There is also another website which is dedicated to adult games and it is a part of APKgamers. You can find those racy games on

Apart from the huge directory of games, APKgamer also has a category dedicated to applications that you could download.

Popular Games Available for Download:

There are many games you could download but the best ones are listed as follows:

1) GTA V Lite 3.0:

That’s right! You can download the lite version of GTA V and enjoy almost all of the experience from the game on your Android device.

2) WWE 2K17 (OFFLINE):

You can play the WWE 2K17 version in the offline mode! The APK file of this game was downloaded the most in the last whole month, it is on top of popular demand!

3) Bully Anniversary Edition:

This is a modded version of the famous game Bully. The experience of playing this game is simply fantastic! One which you should try if you have not before.

Applications on APKGamer:

Applications on APKGamer are also one of the major reasons behind its popularity. It has some applications which a person needs daily, and all of those are available for downloading and then installation, for free! That shows how amazing their catalog of games and applications is.

These applications include the famous APKs of Spotify, Adobe Photoshop, MX Player Pro, Popcorn Time, and hundreds more! It is a treasure chest for Android users who cannot find the versions of apps or apps themselves on the Play Store, to find a place that contains everything you could need in a single place! The convenience is something that makes this website very popular.

Modded APKs:

APKGamer also includes modded versions of applications in APK form. Modded is a word used for modification of games and other applications that address the issues which the previous versions might not be addressing. From modded versions of Subway Surfers to Minecraft and Fallout, they have it all! Again, there are more than 200 pages of modded APKs available, you can surely find something that you like!

This website is recommended highly and one you should know about if you are an Android user!

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