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List of the best Spanish Food Places Near You

Spanish food has always been far away from the limelight whenever discussing European cuisines. Unless, you are from Spain, or you have been to Spain, it is unlikely that you develop a palate for Spanish flavors and food. The concept of European cuisine revolved around French and Italian dishes and the delicious Spanish churros, paellas, and the gazpachos remained as far away from the eye of the tourists and explorers as possible. It took its sweet time but Spanish cuisine is here to be admired by people, and it has made a name for itself, globally.

As for New York, the Spanish restaurants in the city are quite tough to find, but not to worry, like always, we have you covered. We have managed to list the best ones for your convenience. Do not forget to try these! Provecho!

Best Spanish Food Places:

1) Sevilla:

Since 1941, Sevilla is continuing to carry its fantastic tradition and responsibility of delivering extremely high-quality Spanish cuisine to its customers in New York. Sevilla connects the flavor paradise of southern Spain and delivers it to the people of New York. Located on 62 Charles Street, Sevilla Restaurant excels in making artistic Spanish cuisine which they make to perfection. You will be serenaded with Spanish music and they make good on their promise of bringing the authentic Spanish vibe along with a taste for your taste buds. They have a successful formula that has worked for nearly eight decades, and they know not to change it. Be prepared to wait on weekends though, they have a no-reservation policy and they are adored in the neighborhood!

2) Salinas:

Salinas, though, much newer than Sevilla, opened its doors in 2011. It is one of the best Spanish restaurants in New York and was named in Esquire’s Best New Restaurants, as well. The focus is on bringing the Spanish Mediterranean cuisine in a romantic setting. If you feel like dressing up for a date and getting some Spanish food, this is your best choice. It has quite a luxurious ambiance to it as the seating arrangement is divided into three portions, an intimate bar and lounge, main dining room, and of course a sitting area in a garden with a retractable glass roof. While the proprietors have left no stone unturned in the interior, the culinary class of chef Luis Bollo is bound to take your breath away, as well!

3) Toledo:

Another one of the age-old restaurants that have been around for longer than many of us reading this. Toledo opened in 1975 and after a successful 16 years, the restaurant had to relocate given the excess demand of diners. Now situated in Murray Hill, to 6 East 36th Street between 5th & Madison Avenue, Toledo is consistent and reliable with its brilliant taste. With dressed-up waiters and a classic menu, Toledo tries its best to make you feel like you are in Spain. They hold great pride in their seafood, and rightfully so, these will be some of the best paellas you ever eat! If you plan on arranging a gathering of friends and family for some event and the plan is to treat everyone with excellent Spanish food, then Toledo is for you!

4) Despaña:

Despaña is the Spanish food place loved by everyone but especially by the people who have lived in Spain. They deal with authentic flavors, ingredients, and eats imported directly from Spain. It is designed like a chic shop and you can get the favorite Serrano ham or the chorizos with tapas and has a wonderful sandwich counter. It gives the sunny Barcelona vibe being one of the most popular stop shops in the neighborhood and beyond. Despaña has been around for more than four decades and has been delivering the most original taste of Spain to its consumers. It is a must-visit for all Spanish food lovers! Oh, and they also have a fantastic collection of Spanish wines and spirits that will go great with your food.

5) Manolo Tapas:

This is quite easily one of the best places for lunch in the entire New York. Manolo Tapas serves hot and cold tapas along with all of the famous Spanish classics. These are served with sangria and wine in the most laid-back setting one could imagine. Value for money is great, too, so this could be a budget option for you to look into. It reminds you of picturesque Spain and takes your mind off the stressful and fast-paced New York life. Along with being good value for money, they also have a special taste for Spanish bohemian music by night. The Spanish influence can be felt from everything in the restaurant and the waiters are super friendly. The service of Manolo Tapas is one of the best in New York.

6) Casa Mono:

Casa Mono upholds the tradition of small plate fans. It is a tapas bar-restaurant that took its inspiration from the cooking of Spain’s Costa Brava. It is located next to its sister restaurant Bar Jamon. These two restaurants provide full Spanish experience with the vast range. Casa Mono upholds the quality of the fabulous proteins like sweetbreads, cockscombs, and pig’s feet, and the variety in dishes is aplenty. While Bar Jamon is known for its hustle and bustle and enthusiastic bar and together the two restaurants boast a wine list of more than six hundred wines, selected and cherry-picked from sunny, sunny Spain! They also share their environmental responsibility by doing their bit for the green environment. Taking action on operation efficiency, ingredients, and carbon offsets, they do their best to preserve the environment.

These are some of the best places in New York for Spanish food. If you feel like we missed one of your favorite places, do not forget to remind us! Spanish cuisine is insanely rich and wonderful, it is a must-try and something that is highly recommended by us.

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