By prospecting on LinkedIn, you potentially spend a lot of time establishing valuable relationships. It is possible that at some stage, you would choose to download the data of those contacts to cultivate those connections further. So how are you doing that? When exporting LinkedIn contacts, where do you get off — and then what? Thousands of individuals search Google every month hoping to find a way to export their links, and it is easy to see why.

However, LinkedIn has more than 100 million paying subscribers, and much of its income comes from the provision of premium access to its members, supplemented by paid commercials used by corporations. The easiest way to use LinkedIn, then, is not only to make ties but to exploit those links to advance market prospects.


Value of LinkedIn Exported Contacts

Many executives felt the notion of exposing your little black book was career suicide when LinkedIn was first launched. Company contacts are, after all, meant to be fiercely secured and not publicly exchanged. If the broader picture (an internationally interconnected market community) was lacking at the time, they correctly understood its central value: contacts.

The meaning of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube is generated from the content their users create so that you know. The material that users post draws new users and stimulates engagement, whether selfies, cat memes, or educational images. Not to contact publishers, or even your colleagues, to consume their material and see their new updates, you log into Instagram or YouTube. Below we will teach you step by step how to export contacts from LinkedIn.

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts

As described earlier, the export of linked contacts in a simple method is fast.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Go to ”My Account”
  • Choose ‘Setting & Privacy’
  • Click the tab ”Privacy.”
  • Scroll down to “Download your data.”
  • Click on “Change”.
  • Check ” Want something in particular? “
  • Pick the checkbox for “”Connections”” and press “”Request archive””
  • Enter your password for LinkedIn and press ”Done.”

You will get an email with a link to download your list of LinkedIn links from your primary email.   It is then possible to upload this CSV file to every CRM or marketing engine that you use.

How to Export Contacts Linkedin With Emails?

LinkedIn may also sound impersonal because it is a social network. Nearly 9 out of 10 clinicians also favor email for correspondence. There is also more news if you are looking for a more personal way to communicate with your LinkedIn contacts: you can export LinkedIn contacts with their email addresses to Excel.

Suppose you are a sales recruiter, someone who archives your contacts regularly to tidy up their list of interactions, or maybe someone who wants to keep their own personal Google Doc of company contacts offline. In that case, you are already an old hand at downloading your info on LinkedIn connections. Follow the steps below to download LinkedIn connections easily.

  • Step 1: Go to the search page of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

A premium offering from the social network is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can check for leads and profiles, but you can also use the platform for some extra details on your LinkedIn links.

  • Step 2: Pick 1st-degree connections.

Select 1st-degree relationships to export your contacts (people you are currently associated with). You can also pick 2nd and 3rd-degree links to extend your scope.

  • Step 3: Click’ Click’ Export emails with ‘Wiza’

You can see a button on the search page’s upper right side after you install the Wiza extension. Wiza can open immediately after you press.

  • Step 4: Name List and press ”Export.”

You can call your list on the Wiza screen. Exporting contacts from LinkedIn would take ~5 minutes per 100 contacts.

  • Step 5: Download the List

If the export is complete, with your LinkedIn contacts, you can import .csv. The file contains the full name, surname, business, location, LinkedIn URL, and related domain name.

How to Export LinkedIn Connections by Extension

This is a completely new ball game that helps you export All LinkedIn users’ contacts, regardless of whether you are related to them. You can visit any LinkedIn profile using this workflow and not only see their contact information but also export human-verified data directly to your CRM from a secure data source.

If a salesperson has shortlisted 50 individuals from 10 businesses, they no longer have to focus on InMail, to take the earlier example. They need to visit their profile, export their communication to their site for CRM or marketing automation, and run campaigns for more effective outreach. This encourages all types of marketing tactics to be used, including, but not limited to, email promotions, cold calling, or even ABM. And how can you get this done?

Install the Chrome Extension by SalesIntel

The first step is to download the Chrome extension of SalesIntel from the Chrome Store and create an account. It’sIt’s pretty much that. Ok, you are good at going. And yes, disclosure of contacts is 100 percent secure.

Download Now Right Now

  • Start with Prospecting

After that, visit any LinkedIn profile you are interested in, then press the SalesIntel button in the toolbar. SalesIntel can list all of the page-related contacts available that can then be sorted to get the correct details you need.

It is worth noting that SalesIntel only allows the export of human-verified communication data to CRMs because we respect your database’s accuracy. With more than 75 million contacts, you are almost sure to find what you are searching for in the SalesIntel index.

There is also SalesIntel’s Demand Analysis service, where you can query someone who is not already checked for contact information, and we can get it to you in a few hours.

  • Go Beyond LinkedIn

As a perk, you can also use the extension to locate and export individuals’ contact info in that organization on every website. If you visit, for instance, and press the extension button, you can find that we have 2,138 human-verified and 15,957 company machine-processed contacts. On either of those emails, just press ”export,” and they will be sent directly to your CRM.

  • Closing Remarks

LinkedIn is a goldmine with nearly infinite supply when it comes to company connections. And you need specialized methods for removing LinkedIn contacts, just as for mining gold. Tools that are easy to use, reliable, and justify the ROI. The SalesIntel Chrome Extension fulfills both requirements and more.

Can I Export LinkedIn Contacts by Location?

Unfortunately, the only fields exported from LinkedIn are First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Business, Work Description. I agree it would be helpful to provide position and even industry. LinkedIn has, however, always declined any proposal to add this additional detail.

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