This Destiny 2 Cosplayer Shares Her Titan Cosplay That Would Have Shaxx Cheering ‘YESSSSSSSSS’


It’s no secret that I have a special place in my heart for the Destiny franchise and that of cosplay, so when those two worlds collided with an impressive Titan cosplay, I didn’t need much convincing to share this find with the world. One Destiny 2 cosplayer shared her epic Titan cosplay in a women’s group I’m in dedicated to the Bungie game, and the moment I saw it I knew Shaxx would be proud. 

The cosplayer in question is Lauren Moolman, but she goes by Loz_Coz. A self-proclaimed wine lover (my kind of girl!), she debuted her most recent cosplay take with one of my favorite weapons: Outbreak Perfected. From the iconic shield that Titans love to the heftiness of the armor itself, her Destiny cosplay is too incredible not to share: 

You can see the style options she chose with the various poses, but the lighting in the photos also helps to elevate her cosplay even more. 

Big crayon go “swoosh” with her Ult: 

She has other amazing Destiny cosplays, as well, including showing some Hunter love with the Mythoclast I still can’t get to drop despite over 50 runs of Vault of Glass (I am salty, leave me be): 

It’s pretty incredible to see the level of talent the gaming community has, especially when it comes to bringing their favorite characters to life. With so much going on right now concerning Savathun and Osiris acting super sus, this community tribute is a breath of fresh air before the panic resumes about where the heck season 15 is going to take us


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