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Elegant Decor Ideas for your Dream House

We all have an idea of what our dream house should look like. If you don’t, you are probably too young. We all have ideas that we build our dream houses around. These ideas usually range from furniture styles to architectural dream designs to something that we loved in a film. It depends on what influences our aesthetic and how much does it influence. However, as far as home decor is concerned, several things influence various kinds of home decor. Our focus will be on a couple of different themes of home decor.

Western Home Decor

Western home decor is usually rustic styled interior design. The plan is to create a countryside vibe where simple is everything. Sophistication is not exactly key, but some components are crucial to complete your western look. To have a better idea of what we are looking for, you can try to imagine the houses you usually see in Hollywood films, especially the ones which are set in Texas-type areas. Western decor ideas for your living room will revolve around wooden settings, steer horns, heavy drapes, and maybe throw a cowboy hat in the corner to complete the look. Throw rugs, pillows, and sometimes even just a shotgun hanging from the wall can look super Western. To maintain that charming countryside look, it is essential to make sure you invest in the right decor. Your fireplace should be stocked with wall hangings that scream cowboy. It would be a great idea to get a huge clock and hang it in your living room. It depends on you, if you want to go all out west on your house or if you want to keep the influence on one specific spot. Western and antler styled lighting is quite possibly the best idea to complete your Western look. You can also look to add western style to most of the appliances and things that you have in your house. This kind of design is called the contemporary western interior design. That is usually what people go for, these days.

Cozy Minimalist Home Decor

Cozy minimalism? Is that a typo? Of course not. It does sound like an oxymoron, cozy, and minimalism going together, probably not the best of ideas. However, this is a fantastic concept. It is becoming more and more common these days. It fits our requirement of having an elegant interior design. For that matter, cozy minimalism works because it is a happy medium. It has the grace of the decor we are after, but it also manages to add the cozy look, while going for a sharp and beautiful interior. This look focuses mainly on function-forward design, but it adds just about enough detail to make it look warm and welcoming. Functionality is always the key to minimalism. For example, if you are looking to add this to your bedroom, your focal point should be the bed, and if it’s the living room, then your focus should be on starting with a seating area. By adding “soft” accessories, to the functional items, you will be creating what is known as cozy minimalist decor. These soft accessories include items like candles, rugs, cushions, throw pillows or blankets, and even picture frames or plants and flowers. This works well because it gives you functionality and warmth in the same go, which is probably the perfect balance you could go for.

Elegant Home Decor
No design is perfect. It is down to your imagination, likings, and interests, what you decide to go for. So, be bold, and do not be afraid to spruce up your surroundings.


Modern Classic Home Decor

This design is inspired by the Greek and Roman styled theme. It is a direct amalgam of classic design and modern design, and the theme is strictly European in appearance. It is hardly “modern” in today’s age; however, it is exquisite for sure. The theme flows around the principles of simplicity and has very little room for experimentation. Color is the most important basis of this theme, and it can range from grey, silver, white, and the grayest to blue shades. You get the idea of what we are looking at, right? It is a shift away from the cozy minimalism and western rustic to something cold and the priority is primarily to keep it as elegant as possible. Less is more, literally. You cannot accessorize in large quantities. For example, if you have a modern classic theme going in your living room, you should not be looking to add lots of vases, paintings, throw pillows, etc. The plan is to get one of each, if necessary. Ideally, it should be big in size, so it should be something that commands a lot of attention, but again, not too much. It should give an official and serious vibe, but there should be a clear and distinct line between making it look like an office and a living room. Every palette you choose should be specific and well thought out. To complete the look, it is important to try and kill the comfy-vibe; however, it is important to keep the balance and remember you are doing this for your living room and essentials should be the focal point.

Best Home Decorating Magazines

On an ending note, we will try to leave you with some of the suggestions for the best magazines you can read to stay up to date with the latest designs of home decor and learn about what is in and what is out. These are some of our favorite picks:

1) Country Living:  As the name suggests, it focuses mainly on the natural country-ish vibes. I also offer tips on gardening, cooking, and DIY ideas.

2) Elle Decor: This pushes the limits of what you already know about decor and dares you to do more. Imaginative ideas, and design tips from celebrities and experts.

3) Dwell: Dwell dwells (haha, thank you) on the right balance between comfort and functionality. Features of people showing off their houses are helpful and fun to read.

At the end of the day, no design is perfect. It is down to your imagination, likings, and interests, what you decide to go for. So, be bold, and do not be afraid to spruce up your surroundings.

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