Amateur’s Guide to Website Flipping: Selling Success


How the Flippa marketplace works

It is quite clear that Flippa is a unique marketplace where the commodities being bought and sold are really good websites. Although this kind of website dealing has been present in the tech world for quite some years now, it has increasingly become more popular. With ongoing booms in the tech industry, and the incredibly fast pace it tends to follow, there has been a demand for digital investment as of late. Read all about – Flippa marketplace works.

The investment is not just on an individual level, but also involves funds where the management sells websites for a profit guaranteeing a return for their investors. If you’re one of those people who have not to hear about earning through selling website, or website flipping, worry not. We are here to present a clear, and easy guide to maneuver your way through Flippa.

Important guidelines to consider

Buying/selling websites on the web has now become a multi-million dollar business globally, and people are becoming more aware. So, it becomes very important that every detail is up to date when you go on to the platform. The first thing on your list should be familiarizing yourself with the platform before you think of doing any business on the site. The domain of online assets is expansive and can pivot like lightning so before you decide to wade in or dive in, it is imperative to do your research first.

Although, it may seem like a minor detail, upon registering with Flippa, please confirm your email, contact number and other private information are clear, correct, and up-to-date. This data will be seen by management and prospective buyers/sellers, so accuracy is essential.

Acquaint yourself with the different payment methods, charges, FAQs, the subscription newsletter, the blog, etc. Before you dive into selling or buying websites, make sure you are reasonably well-versed in how Flippa handles transactions. With all other things you register yourself with, read the Terms and Conditions of Flippa’s platform so you know what you are agreeing to. Learn about Reserve Prices so you won’t have cause to complain later and choose your preferred method of payment among any available.

Let us now move onto discovering the most successful way to sell websites on Flippa.

#1 Sell Attractive, Well-designed Startup Websites

Nobody is going to appreciate, much less purchase a half-hearted and substandard product, and the same thing applies to websites. This could be a website you have designed yourself, or any other you have purchase with the aim of making technical improvements to make it more profitable. You would probably need to be/hire a smart investor who can make informed choices when making purchasing decisions. You would need good instincts to sniff out a ‘gold mine’ of a website.

#2 Flipping Websites after Adding Value

People often wonder if their developed domain isn’t good enough when they set out to sell it, and feel like they are getting an undeserved price for it. More often than not, they are right and their domain is not bad at all. Rather, they are not able to properly market and sell their website domain to the right buyers.

The simple answer to this dilemma is to stop going on and on about the end prospects for your domain. It is simply better to actualize the concept you have in mind, pouring a minimal amount of money into it, and then simply put it up on the Flippa market.

#3 Use Current Sales to Generate Future Job Opportunities

This concept is quite easy to grasp. When you develop a website and sell it on Flippa, you sell it to one person. A single domain cannot be sold off to multiple customers. So the unlucky lot who couldn’t purchase your website at the time might be able to probably offer you further jobs.

These are then considered custom jobs, and would typically offer you a chance to charge more than you usually would. The best part is someone offering you opportunities to make more designs is someone who is really in need of a good-looking and good quality domain. It just keeps on getting better, doesn’t it?

Flippa is most certainly a paradise for any web designer or web developer looking to earn a reasonably large amount of money.

#4 Never Underestimate the Power of a Well Thought Out Description

Beginners on Flippa usually tend to write long-winded explanations for their assets after listing themselves. The idea is to write a brief, to-the-point description, hats grab the buyer’s attention, and leaves him with a reasonable idea about what your domain entails.

Typically, a concise description should consist of: A general website introduction, an honest description of you i.e. the seller, the features and talking points of whatever website you are selling and what the buyer is going to get out of it, and whatever role the buyer and seller will play once the transaction is agreed upon.

A lot of people get understandably nervous when thinking about registering with the Flippa platform to buy or sell their domains or blogs. They are worried their investment won’t pay off, they won’t be able to wait for a long time between transactions, you are not skilled enough in the fields, etc. These are not unfound worries but you can do it if you set your mind to it. You need to be patient to see your investment and hard work pay off tenfold. You need advice from strategists and people well versed in the market transactions and hiring experts on web development is also not a bad idea.

There are numerous real-life examples of successful website sales. For instance, The New York Times acquired The Wirecutter, for more than $30 million back in the year 2016. The website in question was started by scratch by their developer and they spent time and money on it before selling it off for such a high price. The next big sale could even belong to you.

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