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8 Fundamentals for a Balanced Design for Your Hallway and Entryway


Add harmony to your home design

A home says a lot about the person who currently inhabits it. A lot of things can be gleaned from the different choices that a person makes in how he designs it, what furniture he chooses to put in, the color scheme all over, and the little knickknacks filling the space. In this study of a person’s personalities, the first most important thing is the design of the hallway or entryway to the home.

Beautiful house interior design living room
Beautiful house interior design living room with modern furniture

When you enter someone’s home, you get your first impressions through the entryway and as far as first impressions go, everyone strives for the best. There are a lot of possibilities to create a beautiful space filled with light and invitation that would show off your home in the best possible way and create a lasting impression on visitors.

luxury living room
Architecture, Interior, modern apartment, wide living room

The one thing everyone should aim for while decorating their hallway and entryway is the principle of harmony. Harmony or unity is a very well known concept in interior design where the designer tries to manage the energy of a room in a way that a cozy and inviting space is created. Everything just feels like it belongs together. Here we will discuss 8 ways to apply the harmony principle to your entryway and/or hallway

1.     Light

The manipulation of light to the benefit of bringing out the best in the room is one of the most basic principles of interior design. The idea is to have natural light and keeping this in mind while placing objects such as skylights and glass-paneled walls or doors to brighten up your space. We advise installing lighting that makes you feel comfortable. Chandeliers work great for high ceilings but could be overpowering for low ceilinged hallways.

Chandeliers work great for high ceilings but could be overpowering for low ceilinged hallways.

2.     Storage

The entryway to most homes tends to be cluttered with a variety of objects like coats, hats, and shoes. The idea behind a balanced hallway design is to organize all this clutter into a proper space so you will not have to come to a messy looking hall. Doesn’t matter if a house is modern or traditional, extra spaces along the sides of a hall are great places for built-ins which would help with the whole decluttering situation. A coat rack would be in the closest corner along with a key area to stop you from misplacing all those keys. Large storage baskets can temporarily clean the mess until you have time to sort it out.

Decorated living room
Modern living room variety of objects to hang like coats, hats, and shoes.

3.     Door Space

Harmony in design means the absence of overcrowding. How is the balance going to be achieved when there is simply no door between the hallway and adjacent rooms? It’s imperative not to overfill a space and leave room to breathe so that everything is not completely in your face. This can also give a space more depth and make it seem bigger than it is. This works for narrow hallway designs.

4.     Keeping it simple

Even though hallways have been neglected a lot in most houses where people choose to focus more on the foyer or the staircase, paying too much attention can also be damaging to the overall design. They are supposed to be passed through and pleasing to the eye, so its best the style and hallway decor is kept at a minimum to give a pleasant and comfortable feel. It is best not to overpower the eyes before entering the main area of the house. So declutter the space, make it airy and nice, and while keeping it all simple.

5.     Flooring

Hallways and entryways are the places that receive the most traffic in any home so it makes sense to go for something durable, which takes painless cleaning and maintenance and will stand strong no matter how many times you remodel or refurnish. A welcoming rug or non-slip mat will add a warm and inviting look and will also be very convenient in homes with children and pets. Always remember that the finest hallway/entryway flooring needs to be equally practical and good-looking.

Spacious living room connected with wooden floor connected with a dining hall and kitchen. In the background big windows with the view outside.

6.     Color

Adding color to your space can be quite a fun part of designing but can also go wrong. You see, it is difficult to achieve design harmony by putting color on a space and it frustrates several people. The balance of different design fundamentals is important. Anyone stuck between color choices should also consider mixing up and contrasting shapes, colors, and textures. The contrast enhances the design and makes it more attractive to the eyes. When choosing between dark and light colors, it is best to remember a dark color will make neighboring rooms seem bigger in contrast while adding an element of gloom to the entryway, while a light pastel color will add light and depth to the hall.

Blue Home Entrance
Blue Home Entrance

7.     Extending the look with a focal point

Creating a focal point at the ending of an entryway compels you forward and rewards your senses as you proceed further. The wall finishes and flooring of the house can show the transitions from the halls to another room as you are drawn deeper into the hallway. Adding frames and archways can also add perceived length and make even a simple space look much more complex than it is.

8.     Mirrors

A sure way to add a touch of glamour to your hallway is to install a beautiful looking mirror. It can serve a practical function while also adding style.  A mirror set in an elegant frame paired with a narrow table creates a simple yet lasting design. Getting a final look before you head out, or fixing yourself when you are coming back in has never been easier. It enhances the aesthetic and can fancy up even the narrowest and minimal spaces.

Hanging Mirrors on the Wall
Hanging Mirrors on the Wall

Be sure to follow these fundamentals for a clean, harmonious, and great-looking hallway in your house.

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