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Best Guide on How to Wear and Style Tunics


What Are Extra-Long Tunics and Tunic Tops?

Tunics in many of our wardrobes have become an essential style. As a tunic dress, wear your tunic as a beach cover or as an oversized dress top tucked into your favorite trousers. We all love a great tunic. Tunics come in many types, such as long tunics, t-shirt tunics, and long-sleeved or sleeveless tunics. But how did the silhouette of the tunic shirt become the iconic style staple it is today with the charm of styling and the ability to remain beyond centuries?

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Extra-Long Tunics with Leggings

Leggings in the 1960s found their way into women’s fashion, mainly through slim dancers who still looked so chic wearing them. But it wasn’t until Lycra came along and aerobic dance became the craze that we adopted leggings extensively in the ’70s and’ 80s.

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Leggings made it out of the exercise bag and into daily wear, anywhere, with the arrival of relaxed Fridays and women finding warmth in everything from their sneakers to their underwear and introducing the tunic top that is extra-long. They have been here for a time, but they are tough to find. The best combination of leggings is extra-long tunic tops. They are super forgiving and quite relaxed. AND they are now turning up in the lineup of every designer.

How To Wear Long Tunic Dresses?

If you want to create a trendy ensemble, then the best choice for you is a long tunic. Styling in tunic tops or dresses would never let you down, whether it be a casual or dinner date. So, here are some of the easiest ways to style your long dresses with tunics.

For Exploration

For weekends spent traveling, loose tunic dresses are excellent. Our lightweight, comfortable tunic dresses will breeze you through the day in comfort and style, whether you’re out and about in the great outdoors or walking the dog in the local park. Pair yours with jeans and a couple of trainers.

To A Park

3⁄4 length sleeved tunic dresses are suitable for between weather days, whether you’re walking the dog or off for a turn-of-spring picnic. Tunic dresses are lightweight, flexible, and super easy-to-wear, the perfect way to cover up but stay chic at the same time.

Going For An Evening

Invitation at the last minute? Look extra special in a floaty tunic party dress for an evening out. Casual tunic wear will keep you feel and look great, from celebrating a special day to sharing a meal with friends. Perfectly combined with jeggings and flats, plus it’s easy enough to enjoy all three courses!

One of the most flexible and stylish additions to a winter wardrobe has been tunics.

For Work

Think tunic dresses can’t find their way into your wardrobe at work? Casual tunic dress will keep you calm and relaxed under pressure. Select a fitted workwear tunic for the office and pair it with pants, boots, and a hobo pack.


There might be no time to think about what you’re going to wear between a school run, a day at work, and a weekly supermarket. Save yourself by having a casual tunic dress hanging in your closet. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, chuck it on and go for straight-leg pants, ankle boots, and a cardi.

The Perfect Ways to Style Tunic Tops

One of the most flexible and stylish additions to a winter wardrobe has been tunics. Tunics are excellent casual wear for any modern woman, flattering and quickly matched with other things you own. You can layer, experiment with proportions, and build fun outfits for them. A tunic is the best solution if you are in a design rut or want to experiment. To make the best out of your tunic, here we give you some fantastic styling tips. So, if you’re going to learn new ways to wear tunics, sit back, read on, and enjoy yourself!

Untucked or Tucked?

Tunics may be worn in many styles, completely forgiving and all-around flattering. Depending on whatever part of your body you choose to concentrate on, you can conveniently layer them with a top and get them untucked, or have them strategically tucked in. This is very easy to do, and there are no steadfast laws! By merely tucking and untucking your beloved tunic, you can get creative and create a range of distinct looks.

Layer Up

Maybe one of the simplest elements to cover in the wintertime is a tunic. Pair a tunic with a cami beneath, or if you feel extra daring, you can wear a tunic with a leather jacket or waistcoat. You will play with proportions and build a unique look with the long over lean rule. When layering, however, you don’t have to restrict yourself to clothing! You can add texture and dimension to your outfit using accessories, such as a long scarf, belt, or a long necklace or pendant.

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