Black Mom Praised For Giving An Allowance Based On Her Child’s Hobbies

A Black mom has gone viral for sharing her way of instilling good business and money management into her young child.

While most parents are known to pay their children based on doing chores around the house, Tik Tok user and mother of two, Destini Davis says she pays her daughter “off of her passions,” as noted by Blavity.

“I want my daughter to know and have a positive association with money and feel like I can choose something that I feel good about,” Davis said in the video.

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Davis explained why she chose to invest in her daughter’s hobbies “so that she can be more disciplined in it,” she said. “But, I do not incentivize with money things that she does not enjoy doing. Is that weird?”

“I try to make sure that we are doing things to actively build that love and joy for gymnastics because it’s what she wants to do,” she continued.

“I didn’t ask her to get into gymnastics. I don’t ever push or force her to stay into gymnastics, it’s what she wants to do because there’s no right or wrong way to do a lot of the things we do as parents.”

The TikTok community applauded Davis for the innovative new way of motivating your kids.

“At first I was like no way and the more you explained it I was like YES WAY,” one woman said. “Saving this idea for when my kids are older.”

Over on Twitter, Davis went viral after one user reposted the video saying “Never considered this but i like it.” The tweet garnered over 40,000 likes and 8,000 retweets.

“This is genius, money for passion projects, not for chores, not for good grades, not for the basic things your supposed to do and learn in life,” one person said. “You want money you do extra or we can help you write a resume and practice interviewing so you can earn your own money independently.”

Shout out to Destini Ann for inspiring a new generation of parents who want to see their children excel at things that fuel more life into them. Millennial parenting at it’s best.


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