Evaluating the differences between an intelligent person and a wise person

Get to know the difference in being wise and being intelligent depending on different situations.

You might have come across one of the most searched questions on the internet, which is. ‘What is the difference between an intelligent person and a wise person?’ Intelligence and wisdom might seem the same thing on paper, but in real-life applications, there is some considerable difference between the two terms.

The query does sound like a question of semantics seeing how often both terms are mixed in a single sentence. A common approach to understand both intelligence and wisdom would be by evaluating whether they can be talked about in a single sentence. This means whether a wise person can be an intelligent person at the same time and vice versa.

Intelligence VS Wisdom


Intelligence VS Wisdom

According to a dictionary, you would find a simple definition for being wise. It could be s a person’s ability to be sensible and reasonable at the same time. In the case of an intelligent person, the definition could be of a person who is both knowledgeable and open-minded at once. You find that both of these meanings can collaborate well enough.

Can’t an intelligent person be sensible and reasonable too? Or can’t a wise person be open-minded in life? Now, this certainly raises some questions.

Here’s how we can know the major differences between the two terms:

Decision Making -Intelligent & a Wise Person

Decision Making -Intelligent & a Wise Person

It is often found that being wise means that you make better decisions. A wise person doesn’t give heed to facts and figures. He/she deals with personal experience and do not get carried away with their decisions.

On the other hand, an intelligent person is reliant on factual information. The person fails to acknowledge other important factors that could help in making lasting and effective decisions.

Efficiency and Proficiency

Another way to measure the Wisdom VS Intelligence comparison is by evaluating a person’s competitiveness and planning abilities.

In this case, an intelligent person easily takes the upper hand. This is because an intelligent person has a high IQ level, which automatically makes him competitive and challenging.

The person will have a no-tolerance policy for losing and will always back himself/herself in all kinds of situations. This wouldn’t be the case with someone with a wise thinking approach.

A wise person would a lot more laidback and relaxed about a situation that demands competitiveness and efficiency at once.

Positivity and Negativity – Intelligent & a Wise person

Positivity and Negativity - Intelligent & a Wise person

An interesting difference between a wise and intelligent person is that a wise person always possesses positive energy.

The wiser person wouldn’t have attitude problems as he/she has an optimistic view of life and other things in general. This type of person wouldn’t be rash and will be kind in their approach.

In this regard, intelligent people can sometimes become desperate and ultimately gain a bit of negativity in to prove themselves right.

 Handling Frustration

 Handling Frustration

Frustration is the outcome of living in a world that is constantly changing and developing.

If we use frustration to compare intelligence and wisdom in a person, the answer is quite simple. Wise people, due to their characteristic laidback approach will always handle frustration well.

If an intelligent person fails to find a solution to a problem, he/she will likely lose control and start doubting their abilities.

Providing Faster Solutions

When it comes to providing effective and quick solutions, an intelligent person always comes out on top. This is because smart and intelligent people tend to learn more quickly than a wise person.

A wise person would take some time to process or absorb knowledge and will try to understand it to its depth.

Age, Wisdom, and Intelligence

Another major difference between intelligence and wisdom is that a person becomes wise with age. It is a proven fact that knowledge can be acquired at any age but being wise means gaining experience. This could take most of someone’s life as when you become old, you can’t do much about the experience you have gained.

After going through the factors above, you might be asking yourself, whether you ought to be a wise person or an intelligent person. The answer to this is that you should try to be both. There are many people out there who are successful and wise but are not intelligent.

Similarly, some individuals are intelligent but not that successful. Therefore, you shouldn’t judge whether an intelligent person is better than a wise person.

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