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A Guide to Indian Wedding Dresses


All and everything you need to know about Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian weddings are one of the most famous affairs around the world for their flamboyant charm, excessive decor, and stunning outfits.

Regular planning of an Indian Wedding might even stretch up to a couple of years as it is one big event to plan. The planning party has to decide the venue, food preferences, flower arrangements, and so on. With events like Sangeet and Mehndi in between, it’s quite hard to put everything together to organize a flawless wedding ceremony.

However, the most difficult thing to decide on an Indian wedding is the wedding dress. When we talk about wedding wear dresses in a country like India, it is quite a serious matter. You may need to consider everything from the local traditions to rituals, and the current trends when deciding the dress that suits you best on the wedding day.

Indian Wedding Wear Dresses Ideas

The best thing about an Indian Wedding affair is that you have a lot of choices. Weather is an important factor to decide your preferred outfit as most of the dressing choices are quite heavy to wear.

Indian Wedding Saree

Indian Wedding Saree
Dress to wear on Wedding

A traditional Indian wedding saree is something that you just can’t simply ignore. The best option could be a Benarsi saree, which is a preferred choice for most of the brides in the country.

The saree is mostly worn with a decorative belt to keep hold of the waistline. You could add an accessory such as a veil to add some further charm to your attire.

Another saree you can choose could be the traditional brocade saree. In most of the modern weddings, brides often go for a white silk brocade saree as it is comfortable to wear in the case of ‘pheras’, a Hindu ritual at the wedding. If we focus on cast preferences, you can go for a popular Parsi outfit, which is a finely embroidered lace sari.

There are numerous Indian wedding sarees that you can choose from. They come in different styles and designs to cater to your wedding outfit troubles.

Deciding on the perfect Lehenga

Deciding on the perfect Lehenga
Dress wear for Wedding

If you prefer wearing a lehenga, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Lehengas come in different shapes and sizes that usually depend on your body shape.

Make sure you choose something that complements your body size and shape to perfection. Your preferred lehenga should be able to hide your body flaws and suit to your body curves at the same time.

How to decide on dress wear for weddings?

When deciding on wedding dress wear, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are some for you to know:

The Fabric

Choosing the correct fabric is not that hard as people make it out to be. The climate is an important factor to help you decide the fabric for your dress. In a summer wedding, you could go for a lighter outfit while a winter wedding setup could require a warm fabric to make up your dress. Some of the popular choices include silk chiffon, sheer, georgette, and lace.

Dress Color

An important thing to decide on your wedding dress is the color. This can be quite a difficult task. You have to consider the wedding theme and some finer details such as your body complexion to decide the color for your dress.

Traditionally, you could go for a red and yellow mix that suits any wedding theme. However, you can also try out different colors at once, which is a modern fashion trend these days.

The Right Designer

There are many big names when it comes to designing the best Indian wedding dresses. However, your goal here should be getting hold of a designer that doesn’t over exceed your budget

Look for a designer that can put up all your preferred dress choices together to make a beautiful outfit at an affordable rate.

Deciding on your dress preferences is certainly not a simple task. An Indian wedding can be quite an occasion that is difficult and tiring to organize.

indian wedding what to wear
All about Indian Weddings

You could make things a lot easier after going through the above guidelines. Make sure you take your time and be wise about your choices. This will surely help in picking out an ideal dress that makes you look pretty and desirable at the same time.

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