Assessing What Causes Lower Back Pain in Females


Everything you need to know about what can cause lower back pain in females

Lower back pain is a typical reason for most of the visits to the nearby clinic. Normally, people associate lower back pain as a result of a physical injury. Conditions such as muscle sprains and strains due to abrupt body movements or poor body mechanics are often termed as some of the main causes of back pain.

What can cause lower back pain in females?

You should note that pain in the lower back can be an outcome of certain medical conditions. These include arthritis, spine and kidney-related infections, and even a broken or herniated disc.

Severe back pain can last in any period span ranging from a couple of days to a few weeks. It doesn’t have a fixed duration. In case of the chronic back pain, the period can go up to three months and even more.

An important thing to note is that women aged over 30 are most likely to experience acute back pain as compared to other age groups in females. This is partially due to the changes that follow in the body as an individual starts to age.

As the individual ages, there’s a considerable decrease in the fluid level between the vertebrae in the spine area. This automatically results in the irritation of discs in the spine.

Moreover, you start to lose a lot of your muscle tone which makes your back more injury-prone. This is why it is recommended that you carry out back muscle exercises and effective workout routines to avoid any form of back pain.

Here are some of the main causes of pain in the lower back:

  • Disc Injuries

A herniated disc or a ruptured disc occurs when the cartilage neighboring the lower disc presses up against the spinal cord. The space that sits between the spinal vertebrae spreads grows out of its usual position resulting in a common disc injury.

Your disc can get damaged due to a simple twist in the back or even after lifting something heavy.

  • Sprain and Strains

When you overexert your body movement, your body’s muscle joint can easily tear off. Some of the common symptoms of muscle strains include gradual pain and toughness in the lower back area and common muscle spasms.

  • Unusual Spinal Curvatures

Most of the conditions that result in spinal curvatures are hereditary. You either inherit them in your childhood days or at the time of puberty.

Spinal curvature can easily result in unusual pain and poor posture. This is because it adds unnecessary pressure to your muscles, vertebrae, and your ligaments as well.

  • Arthritis

What is Arthritis ?
What is Arthritis?

This occurs when you feel a bit of irritation and stiffness in your joints. Arthritis is a condition when an individual’s muscle joints experience inflammation that ultimately causes swelling. Most people who suffer from this complain about lower back pain in the mornings that only gets better with body movement.

  • Awkward sitting positions

When you sit on a chair or a sofa for most of the day, your spine is put under a lot of pressure. This isn’t the case when you are standing or walking. An awkward or unsuitable sitting position can easily result in unbearable pain in the lower back.

  • Spondylolisthesis

Spondylolisthesis refers to a spinal condition that directly affects the lower backbones. In case of such a disease, a bone in your spine moves out of position, eventually causing lower back pain, numbness, and stiffness.

Another way through which you could catch Spondylolisthesis is through a birth defect or a simple backbone injury.

  • Improper Walking Stance

People usually blame excessive sitting time for lower back pain problems, which certainly isn’t true at all. You have got to make sure that you get your walking manner right. If you don’t, this results in a kind of an unwanted overstretching of your knees. This, in turn, results in a sore back and a compacted position of joints.

  • Excessive Smoking

Excessive Smoking
Lower Back Pain Causes

Many individuals don’t consider smoking as a reason for their lower back pain troubles. Most of us aren’t aware of how harmful can the act be in the long run.

Too much smoking results in quick aging of your back muscles by limiting the blood supply to your spine. This can make your spine prone to injuries and herniation too.

You must try avoiding any such activities that can result in pain in your lower back. Your everyday work and home life can be easily affected if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

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