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Get to know more about Amazon’s premium service and why it is worth your time and money

Amazon introduced one of its top-paid subscription services back in late 2005 by the name of Amazon Prime. At the time, it only offered minimal features such as fast and free shipping and some other perks as well.

Since its initial introduction in the market, Amazon Prime has changed a lot. It has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, delivery, shipment purposes, and many more areas as well.

 What is Amazon Prime?

Before we break down if the service is worth your time, it is good to know what exactly the premium service is all about.

As said before, it is one of the best online subscription services you can find on the internet. You get to access Amazon-specific services that include video streaming access on Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Now, features such as same-day delivery, and so on.

The service requires you to pay about $119 annually or approximately $12.99 per month. While the subscription cost may drive most of the users away, there are certain perks you can’t afford to miss on.

Amazon Prime Benefits

Here are some of the benefits you could take advantage of from the service:

Amazon Prime Benefits
Amazon Prime Benefits
  • Amazon Prime Now Feature

One of the best things about Prime is the Prime Now feature. With this special service, you can get some of your favorite products delivered in the same day span. Most of the products are delivered in the specified 2-hour window, which is quite impressive, to say the least.

However, the service is limited to metro cities only. Amazon is working to introduce the feature countrywide for more of its users.

  • Guaranteed Entertainment

If you are a fan of catching up on the latest TV shows and movies, you will find the best entertainment content on Amazon Prime Video. This is a video streaming service consisting of the latest movies and TV shows of different genres.

Amazon has its original entertainment content as well that is worth watching. All you need is a suitable Amazon Prime Membership to get access to all your favorite films and shows online.

  • Unlimited Music Streaming feature

Another perk of getting a prime membership is special access to Amazon Music. The best thing about the music streaming feature is that there are no ads. The database has about 2 million songs and counting to fill up your daily music needs.

  • Prime Pantry Service

One of the most useful features of Prime at the moment is the Prime Pantry. There is a lot of demand in this specific department of Amazon.

The world is going through a pandemic and it is quite a terrible time to go grocery shopping. If you are a prime member, you can order all the required household and grocery items for a reasonable fixed delivery rate. The delivery is fast and well-handled too.

  • Limitless Reading and E-Book Library

The feature works just like a normal library does. You borrow your favorite book, read it, and return it after a specified time. Amazon’s e-book library allows its users to borrow one book per month and download it.

You will have direct access to the Kindle Lending Library where you can find a huge collection of the most interesting books you can find. A good thing about the library is that it gives you an e-book free to download each month.

Moreover, you can also read your favorite magazines, articles, and comics from Amazon’s collection to add up to your reading list.

  • Access to Amazon Family

In this category, you fill plenty of vouchers, discount codes, and coupons to save some much-needed cash on your shopping list.

Worth your time?

In the end, it’s all up to you to decide whether you need an Amazon Prime Membership or not. With all its amazing benefits, there are some downsides to the service as well.

You will be restricted to a single shopping platform on which you have spent about $120 for a subscription. Most of the satisfied users are those who are natural shopaholics which is not the same case for everyone.

Make sure you evaluate every pointer to decide whether Amazon Prime is for you or not. Overall, it is a great service and is constantly improving year by year.

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