Understanding the Meanings of Common Chat Words- BRB, ASL, LOL, etc.

Everything you didn’t know about some famous text acronyms used in chats

If you are heavily involved in social media or are quite used to texting your friends, you might have noticed some odd words or acronyms.

Before social media came alive, English slang wasn’t that hard to understand. However, the newer generation of people has adopted chat shortcuts or slang words to communicate with their fellow peers.

If you ask anyone from generation Z about their opinions on these short words, he/she is going to give you a very simple answer. A general response could be to save some valuable time. It’s quite logical that you could utilize more time elsewhere rather than writing long words and big paragraphs in chat boxes.

Text Message Abbreviations
Text Message Abbreviations

People see such chat acronyms as a friendly way to communicate and express themselves, Most of these abbreviations have some hidden emotions behind them, which can be represented easily and in a meaningful manner. Know more about Common Chat Words.

What are the meanings of such abbreviations?

You may find hundreds of short words and terms that might have gotten you confused. If you are having trouble finding the meaning of small words such as BRB, LOL, ASL, etc. then you won’t have to worry at all.

Abbreviation stands for Laugh Out Loud.
The abbreviation stands for Laugh Out Loud.

Here are some of the well-known and most used short forms on the internet you must know about

ASAP- As soon as possible

You might find this term in an instance where the person on the other side is making a commitment to do something on time or giving you a time frame to visit you, and so on.

AFK- Away from Keyboard

The term AFK denotes, ‘Away from keyboard’ and is something that is quite frequently used in texting. It might take a little time, but rest assured, you will get the hang of it.

LOL – Laughing Out Loud

There’s no better way to reply to a funny message or a meme than using the term, LOL.

M8  Mate

No need to type your friend’s name when you have the word M8.

NE1 – Anyone

A major time saver especially when you need to explain a lot in the chatbox.

NP – No Problem

A great alternative for typing ‘You’re welcome’.

OIC – Oh I See

When you finally understand something, type OIC and the other side will move on with the conversation.

OS – Operating system

The Operating system seems too boring and long to type, OS is much cooler!

OMG – Oh my God!

One of the best ways to sound surprised at something your friend just told you.

BBL – Be Back Later

You won’t sound rude when temporarily leaving the chat session if you sue the BBL word.

BBS – Be Back Soon

You don’t have to type the reason behind your decision to leave, BBS is more than enough

BBQ – Barbecue

No need to spell out the whole thing, anyone hungry would recognize this.

BFN/B4N – Bye For Now

A simple way to let your friends know that you will get back to them soon.

BRB – Be Right Back

A simple term like this will not allow any further explanations.

CYA/CU – See You

Nobody has the time for unnecessary long goodbyes.

CUZ – Because

A very useful shot form especially if you have a lot explaining to do.

DND – Do not disturb

A very simple yet effective way to tell someone that you don’t want to be bothered.

ASL – Age/Sex/Location

Not a bad way to ask someone’s general details.

BRT – Be Right There

An easy way to let someone know you are on your way to see them.

BTW – By the Way

Not typing by the way in your texts will save loads of time.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

A very effective replacement for a long sentence.

FYI – For your information

The best way to make a point to win an argument.

GR8 – Great!

Two characters, that’s all it takes to compliment something.

GTG – Got to Go

Good for making a quick exit without giving any reasoning.

G9 – Genius

A smart method to mention and praise your intelligence or somebody’s intellectual levels.

GBTW – Get back to work

Order around your colleagues with this simple and precise short word.

GF – Great/good fight/girlfriend

Make sure you use the term in the right way to avoid any misunderstandings.

GFU – Good for you

Praising someone just got much easier.

GM – Good Morning

Who has the time for typing two whole words when you can do the same thing by typing 2 characters?

GN – Good Night

Keeping a night greeting short and simple.

HAND – Have A Nice Day

Don’t give your friend trouble of reading a whole sentence when you can type the short form easily.

HF – Have fun

A nice gesture for wishing someone to have an enjoyable day

IC – I See

This is for trying to make your friend understand your point of view.

ICQ – I seek you

A smooth short form to tell your friend that you are looking for him/her.

ILU – I Love You

Develop a routine of typing this to your special someone. This will save a lot of time in terms of conveying your feelings.

J/K – Just kidding

Make a quick comeback after making a joke that might have offended the person on your chat.

KISS – Keep it simple stupid

The best way to define the required simplicity.

LMAO – Laugh My A** Off

One of the modern slangs you could use for finding something too hilarious.

LTNS – Long Time No See

No need to write a whole paragraph on missing someone. Just type the short form and you are done.

TC – Take Care

An easy way to represent a nice gesture.

U – You

Quite useful especially when you have to use ‘you’ a lot.

WTF – What the F*ck

There is no better way to express your agitation and surprise on an unexpected happening.

W8 – Wait

The short form will certainly test your friend’s patience.

SMH- Shaking my head

A fine to tell someone about their stupidity.

PLZ – Please

You will use this a lot especially in times when you are asking for a favor.

RIP – Rest in Piece

Offering your deepest condolences is much easier this way.

SD – Sweet Dreams

A great alternative for wishing someone good night.

SEC- second

A common term that is bound to save you some time.

Spoz – suppose

Why even think of writing the big word if you can do it this way.

SS – so sorry

Saying sorry just got much easier.

str8 – Straight

Another way to save some time and space in your chat sessions.

SU – shut up

A shortcut to get the opposite person to stop talking.

SYS – see you soon/ SYL- See you later/ TTYL – Talk To You Later

Another great idea for a friendly goodbye greeting.

SUP – What’s Up

A good alternative for ’What’s going on?’

THX – Thank You

It can be quite tiring to type ‘Thank you’ again and again. You should try out the short form.

TGIF – Thank god its Friday

A great way to remind your friend that the very next day is the weekend.

You may find countless short forms or acronyms on the internet. Each has its purpose and meaning. It is better if you start getting used to them. It will help you in saving time and energy that is spent on writing long texts.

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