New Epson Laser Projectors For Home And Business: Green Tech, New Upgrades To Check Out

Portable home projectors

Portable home projectors, projectors with built-in speakers, and projectors with OTT platform support are some of the new upgrades that Epson has brought in. Gizbot recently caught up with Satyanarayana P, Director of sales and marketing, and Harish A K, Senior General Manager of Epson India to talk about the latest tech.

New Epson Laser Light Projectors In India

Traditionally, most projectors used lamp light technology, which had many drawbacks. It would heat up, consume more power, and would require hours to cool down before one could use them again. Today, we have laser light projectors, and Epson has been pioneering them for years now. Epson has now released a new range of laser light projectors for the Indian market.

These include portable projectors, short-throw projectors, and even ultra-short-throw projectors. The short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors are ideal for educational institutions and businesses, which also enable interaction with the audience. The new range of projectors is also compact and built for modern workplaces.

diversified its projectors

Epson has also diversified its projectors for home entertainment. However, this market is still budding as people still prefer smart TVs over projectors for their homes. “Projectors aren’t a replacement for TVs. We never claim that,” says Harish.

On the other hand, Epson projectors for home are targeted at those who want a larger viewing screen for watching sports or a movie night. Home projectors from Epson come with OTT support and built-in speakers, which makes them ideal for a small party of guests for a movie or sports screening.

New Epson Laser Light Projectors: Green Tech To The Foray

This brings us to environmental concerns, especially since gadgets require a lot of power, energy, and resources. Epson presently has several green initiatives that aim to curb environmental damage. “The Epson projectors today use very little ground resources, which help in curbing the damage done to the environment,” says Satyanarayana.

One of the main areas of Epson’s research and development is concentrated on making eco-friendly projectors that require fewer resources, the brand tells us. “We have a range of recyclable projectors as well as carbon-free projectors available in the market,” Satyanarayana further adds.

Epson Projectors: New Technologies Incoming

Epson Projectors: New Technologies Incoming

The brand is now working on making greener technologies for the coming generations. Epson also has a broad range of new projects for the Indian and global markets. This includes Android-based projectors, personal portable projectors that are very compact, and further expansion in the home entertainment segment.

Projectors in India are mainly used in educational institutions and businesses. But Epson India is working on diversifying its range of gadgets to enter the home market, especially with the more affordable and long-lasting laser light projectors.

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