Shonna “Grant Bae” Williams Helps Minority Businesses Secure Millions

Shonna Williams is called “Grant Bae” for a reason.

For the past eight years, the expert grant writer has helped minority small businesses and entrepreneurs secure millions in funding. 

Williams is aware of the challenges business owners face when applying for traditional funding. As an entrepreneur for more than 10 years, she’s faced her share of rejection from banks. Instead of giving up, she learned to apply for grants; realizing many other minority businesses likely needed the same support.

Grant Bae was created to fill that need. The professional grant writing service seeks to change the trajectory for small minority business owners receiving grant funding. 

“I never want to be the only person to benefit from this opportunity and [I’m] a firm believer in providing and generating several seats at the table. I created a process that well…all minorities can generate from,” Williams said on

In the past 10 months, Williams’ company has helped over 7,000 clients earn over $40 million in non-government grants and over $25 million in the past 90 days. This is a major comeback following the $1.7 billion in grants left on the table by entrepreneurs last year. 

“Think about all the ways and means you’ve tried to get to the money. You probably asked family and friends, went and asked at several banks, asked the credit card companies, and perhaps you even tried crowdfunding,” Williams told 

“None of that worked well and you were left to scramble, to slave over life’s ‘hot oven.’ As an entrepreneur, you were left to sell your own goods and/or to perform your services on your own,” she continued. “All you wanna do is pursue your passion, feed your family, and maybe even give back to the community that supported you.”

To learn more about Shonna Williams and her company’s services, visit or follow her on Instagram at @TheGrantBae.

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