Tik Tokers are Stunned After Learning About How To Use Scalloped Edges On Ritz Crackers

If you have ever wondered what the ridges on Ritz cracker are really for, the makers of them used Tik Tok to garner buzz about the mystery on the snack crackers’ official account.

According to Ritz, cutting cheese to place between the crackers is the reason the crackers have ridges.


“What people think the edges of Ritz Crackers are for: wow, so pretty, aesthetic beautiful scallops,” the Tik Tok video begins. In the next segment, hands are showing rolling the edge of the cracker over cheese to cut it.

“people will believe anything,” one Tik Tok user said in a responsive comment.

Another stated, “It won’t work they break too easy.”

Ritz replied saying that their hack does work.

Strings of comments followed about how fragile the crackers are, but Ritz kept the witty responses rolling in, while periodically dropping random comments.

Is RITZ’s video reveal about the purpose of the cracker’s ridges a joke or is it the true purpose?

Either way, at least 7,438 comments were posted about the snack cracker and there a lot of buzz about it.

Tik Tok is social media platform which is used for all kinds of reasons, from marketing snack crackers to introducing trendy dance moves. Per The Guardian, toward the end of June, some Black creators decided to stop posting choreographed dances on the app “to protest against the appropriation of their content by white users.”

A Tik Tok user, Capnkenknuckles, commented about not making up a dance for Megan Thee Stallion’s “Thot Shit.” She provided an explanation about why a number or Black creatives refused to make up more dances that people could claim they created, which originate from “melanated brothers are sisters.” She was among TikTok users who mentioned being on strike, due to people who were stealing dances.

So what do you think about the Ritz big reveal?

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